Africa is more vulnerable.

Africans are more vulnerable.

Our countries are poor, and our people are in poor health. We’re not just short of masks and medical equipment, but basics like running water. Social distancing is a privilege that doesn’t extend to the sick and compromised sleeping four or more to a room.

There was already a crisis in Africa. COVID-19 will fan its flames.

A new hope. A new way.

Covid-19 has also ignited a strong conviction that good can come out of the pandemic.

Nelson Mandela said that “many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death… before we reach the mountain top of our desires”. Around the world, many believe it to be true now: that, out of this, things can, should, must change for the better.

But it will only come to pass if we make it so. We can’t do things the same way we’ve always done them and expect different results.

There are lots of organisations with noble intentions doing important work in Africa. But there are many that work too slowly, too separately, making boardroom decisions far removed from the problems, and taking conventional actions with predictably unsuccessful outcomes.

We’ve seen first-hand that there’s a better way.

More imagination. More emotion.

We’ve seen, in the field and on the ground, that what worked then doesn’t always work now, and what worked there doesn’t always work here. Things change, sometimes daily. We have to respond and adapt. We have to imagine and innovate. We have to show agility and urgency. This is our modus operandi.

We’ve also seen that there’s something else we can harness. There are no resources so potent or necessary as unity and hope. When we come together, our optimism is magnified and our power is multiplied. This is our ethos.

If not now, when? If not us, who?

If something good is to come from this crisis, it must start to happen immediately. And we must all make it happen.

54asONE embodies the coming together of Africa, for Africa. There are 54 countries in our continent, and we are stronger as one. United, for each other.

Our purpose is to reimagine and reshape healthcare in Africa. We aim to do this by generating and facilitating innovative healthcare initiatives across the continent. And by uniting people behind these initiatives.

Flying the Flag for health.

Flying the flag for Africa..

Our logo symbolises a united, healthy continent:

  • A single fist makes up the continent, signifying unity. It also has connotations of strength.
  • The dandelion represents health (it is known to have medicinal and therapeutic properties). It’s also associated with hope and optimism.

We will apply this logo to flags of various sizes. These flags will be a way of raising funding to purchase PPE for healthcare workers at the front lines of Covid-19. But they will also be a way of uniting people from Cape to Cairo, and it’s our hope to see them flown everywhere in between.

We believe that a healthy Africa is possible if we unite behind it, and if we all fly the flag for it.